Sound & Lights Rental Services

Reload Entertainment offers its services to professionals and individuals wishing installation or rental of sound in Bangalore. Our teams have sound equipment and advise you to meet your needs best. Reload Entertainment is the essential supplier for all your rental needs of sound equipment in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, we offer DJ, sound, and lighting rentals for any event or occasion. As the leading provider, we have a wide range of DJ lights available for rent, allowing you to transform your space into a vibrant nightclub. Our disco lights are perfect for wedding, corporate shows, house parties, college fests and kids’ birthdays, creating a lively atmosphere. Additionally, we offer party disco ball rentals in Bangalore. Illuminate your dance floor with our high-quality DJ party lights! Setting up our rental party lighting is a breeze—simply plug them in and enjoy.

Reload Entertainment goes beyond being an equipment rental company. We specialize in comprehensive event organization and production from start to finish. Whether you need event planning or require personal, technical, or material resources, we’ve got you covered. By choosing our truss rental service or any other complementary service, you’re placing your trust in an expert partner for corporate events, galas, fairs, shows, sporting events, and more.


Discover a wide range of lighting rental services at Reload Entertainment. Our park boasts a variety of high-end projectors with powerful light output, designed to enhance the ambiance of your indoor or outdoor event venue. Our waterproof projectors ensure reliable performance in any weather conditions.

To eliminate the hassle of electrical distribution, we provide battery-operated projectors and DMX wireless options for seamless management without the need for cables.

Immerse your event in captivating visuals with our customizable gobo projections using spot lyres, create dynamic effects with our Beam lyres, or transform your space with vibrant colors using our LED and Wash headlamps. Whatever your event lighting requirements may be, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

At Reload Entertainment, we specialize in setting up stages for concerts, rallies, celebrations, and noteworthy parties. Our services include providing giant screens and renting professional lighting equipment that adheres to all safety and occupational hazard regulations. Additionally, we offer a wide range of professional items suitable for various event types, such as cars, stages, stands, anti-avalanche measures, tables, chairs, audiovisual equipment, special effects, LED screens, video projectors, and more. Feel free to visit our website and reach out to us for a no-obligation quote.


Location Sound

Reload Entertainment offers its services to professionals and individuals wishing installation or rental of sound in Bangalore. Our teams have sound equipment and advise you to meet your needs best. Reload Entertainment is the essential supplier for all your rental needs of sound equipment in Bangalore.
From the rental of a micro-desk to the installation of an aluminum structure for the support of your speakers, Reload Entertainment offers turnkey services for all your events requiring the rental of sound. Speakers, sound consoles, amplifiers, microphones, intercoms, DJ control boards … Our sound equipment rental is available in several ranges and brands.

Reload Entertainment has various sound amplifiers among our high-tech and high-end rental equipment. We offer you a range of amplifiers very recognized in the field of the sound system. Reliability and audio quality, each amp has performance and power characteristics.

The rental of these ranges of amps will allow you to ensure your professional events: conferences, parties, receptions, parties, galas, inaugurations. Discover and compare the amps you are interested in our catalog or contact us.


DJ Borads

Specialist in the rental of DJ equipment, Reload Entertainment offers a range of pioneer DJ PRO. Everything will be adjusted according to your needs and the sound capacity of your space. For concerts, performances, parties, shows … The DJ Pioneer will be ideal for your performance. Contact us for more information on our sound equipment rentals for your events.

As a company specializing in the organization of events and production of shows in Mumbai, Audio Lab offers you a complete rental service of Led Screens, which includes the transport, assembly, and staging of technical equipment and road effects. In Audio Lab, we are experts in the inclusion of special effects of visual action and professional sound. On a visual level, we provide our events and shows with FX effects such as real fire, confetti, CO2, laser, and of course Led screens of all kinds. We have a wide variety of equipment to make large video screens. For that, we offer four types of LED Wall with Full HD LCD monitors: LED Wall without Borders, LED Wall with Borders, LED Wall with Touch Screen, and the new Video Wall MagicInfo.

It includes different alternatives for sporting events, sporting events, marketing, and advertising actions or establishments and department stores, among others. Our goal is to offer customized services, being able to take care of everything you need, from the production of the effects to the final disassembly of the Led Screens.


LED Wall


Our rental service of truss and aluminum structures is specially designed for corporate events in general and fairs and stands in particular. However, you can also rent our aluminum structures and trusses for private appointments and celebrations, either outdoors or indoors. 

The service includes, if the client wishes, transportation, and assembly. We also offer complementary services such as the rental of platforms and stages or the assembly and execution of lighting and sound elements and equipment at events or shows.

Reload Entertainment is a park with a multitude of high-end projectors with the high light output. Enjoy elegant lighting that will highlight the venue of your event, whether indoor or outdoor, with our waterproof projectors.



Reload Entertainment offers for rent a variety of microphones in Bangalore. At each event, the sound must be studied with precision. Singers, speakers, speeches, karaoke with friends … The choice of microphone must be chosen intelligently. Reload Entertainment helps you in the choice of your rental micro. Dynamic, static, headband & tie, direct box, foot microphones … we provide you with quality sound equipment. The microphone (HF link) will be an ideal product for your professional event in Bangalore.